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We understand that it’s difficult to please everyone, and that in every class, there are always a couple of soreheads who won’t ever be happy. We know that there are a few people who won’t ever attend any class function because high school was the worst time in their life.

We hope, we know from attendance at the Spring Event, that there are enough of you who feel differently, who still feel that those 4 years at Reitz were among the best in their lives and who want to have a great 45th class reunion and are willing to cast off their lines and sail into the unknown in a different direction.

The first step in that new direction is to ask you what you want for our next class reunion.

Remember how you used to complain about things not being fair because they were just a popularity contest. Well, this really is. The most popular choices, within a balanced budget, are probably the things that can actually happen!

So you don’t freak out and think this is a redirection scam getting you to go somewhere you don’t want to go, know that you are about to be taken to a survey site and then use your back button to be returned here once you finish.(It was free and saved us the trouble of building a survey from scratch that didn’t work as well as this one.)


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